MNTC Foundation

MNTC’s Foundation was established in 1974 to foster and promote technology education, and to help students realize their dreams when financial difficulties can become a road block to academic and career success. A gift to the Moore Norman Technology Center Foundation is a gift of a quality education, and your investment in the future of our economy.

MNTC Foundation trustees may include up to 20 representatives of Moore and Norman banking institutions, Chambers of Commerce and business. Currently, MNTC’s Foundation has 12 trustees.

Tax revenue designated to public schools is earmarked for construction, maintenance, equipment and operation of the school. It often does not provide the funding to assist individual students meet the costs of their education. A tax deductible gift to the Moore Norman Technology Center Foundation could make a significant difference in assisting students reach their educational goals.

MNTC Foundation Goals

  • Engage the community in ongoing education improvement
  • Provide a professional mechanism and expertise to collect and invest donated funds in a way that is agreeable to donors
  • Give investment options for those truly interested in the future of the community

Donation Types

  • Private Donations & Grants - Individual or corporate gifts could go to tools needed for technical studies for an individual, or possibly toward a program’s equipment, to reflect emerging technologies within that field.